Nose Work Class Details


We are so pleased you have decided to join us for K9 Nose Work® at the Canine Co-op in Lacey. This email contains details about the class.


We will start meeting on Thursday, September 7 at 5:00 p.m. There will be a total of 6 classes with dogs, each 1 to 1.5 hours long depending on the number of dogs. We will be skipping class on Oct. 5 so the last class for Intro to Nose Work will be Oct. 19. The next session, Into to Odor, will generally start the week after Intro to Nose Work ends.


The class will focus on teaching you to work with your dog to find odors. The training method we will use is positive and fun. In K9 Nose Work® we only work one dog at a time so that they can focus on hunting and you can watch other teams work. You should plan to leave your dog in the car until it is his turn. We know that summer is a challenging time to leave your dog in the car. When making plans for class, you will want to make sure that your dog is safely contained, has shade, water and plenty of air circulation.


Classes are $180 per 6 week session. Paypal link is at the end of this page.



  • Parking—You can park in front of the Canine Co-op (suite E has 3 spaces in front of the door), anywhere on the street (don’t block the mailboxes during business hours) and almost anywhere in the middle parking spaces. Do not park in front of the fence business or Lacey Motor sports on our parking lot or their two garages at any time. Do not park in the glass business parking lot across the street. During business hours do not park in front of our Construction neighbors and you might be asked to move after hours. During business hours you do not want to park in front of any garage doors and not directly in front of any businesses. There is a map inside our building with our parking spaces marked.

  • Please do your best to potty your dog quickly and avoid walking too closely to the other vehicles. We will begin class on time, so allow yourself plenty of time to park and briefly walk your dog if he/she needs to potty. Potty your dog on natural surfaces outside the building and clean up afterwards. There is a map at the building with specific potty areas marked.


  • Dogs must be on leash at all times. Please do not let your dogs socialize in the parking or potty area, this is one of the context cues we will use going forward to let them know that it is time to work. Please feel free to discuss any concerns that you may have with the instructor in advance of class.


Please text, call or email if you will be absent. Also, please do the same if your female dog comes into heat and we can discuss options for attendance. Household family members (8 years and older) that may be working with your dog are welcome to attend. Please let us know if family members will be coming with you to class.

We also require proof that you are following a Veterinarian’s vaccination protocol. This usually includes Rabies (if your dog is over 6 months old) and DHLPP. Your Vet can provide you with a copy of this information. You may include your proof of vaccinations with your mailed payment or bring it to the first class.


COVID-19 class protocols are at the end of this email.

Please do not feed your dog within 2 hours before class. If you have a small dog or a dog with a small appetite, you might want to skip the meal closest to the class. This will ensure a hungry dog that is eager to work.


* Collar or harness—Non-restrictive flat buckle, snap or martingale style. We will not use any no-pull collars or harnesses during class but you can use these to get your dog in and out of the building. If you decide to continue in Nose Work, you may want to have a special collar or harness that will only be used for Nose Work, but we will talk about this as the classes progress. If you already own something that you think might work, feel free to try it out at any time.
* Leash—6-10 foot. You may also want a special leash that is only used for class. If you already own something that you think might work, bring it with you to the first class.
* Treats—bring 4-6 different types of treats. These can be combined into one Ziploc bag. They should be small (pea sized), meaty, soft, decadent and a ridiculously large amount. If you think you have a lot of treats, double the amount.
* Container for treats with your dog’s name on it—Ziplock bag is best. For these first classes, you will be giving your treats to the instructor. Eventually you will need a bait bag or fanny pack so that you will have treats on your person.
* Safe containment for your dog waiting in the car. Your dog must be secured if you will have your windows rolled down. This might be a barrier, seat belt harness or crate.
* Doggie cleanup supplies (bags, paper towels, etc.).
* Your dog’s favorite toy and a favorite chewie (bone, rawhide, stuffed Kong, etc.). These may be used for searching or to amuse your dog while waiting in the car.


We look forward to seeing you and your dog at class!



The Canine Co-op, 8450 30th Ave NE, Suite E, Lacey, WA 98516-7124
Please double check if you use any GPS as they are not always accurate for this address.
The Canine Co-op, 8450 30th Ave NE #E, Lacey, WA 98516-7124
From I-5 north or south take Exit 111, Marvin Rd./WA-510 E. Turn west on to Marvin Rd.
Turn right onto Hogum Bay Rd. NE.
Go straight through the roundabout (Hogum Bay & Willamette).
Turn right onto 30th Ave NE.
We are on the right in building E.


Happy Sniffing!

Dorothy Turley, CNWI, CPDT-KA
Let’s Talk Dogs


Rachelle Bailey-Austin, CNWI
About Face K-9 Academy


Mary Oberson, KPA CTP, Fear Free Certified

Canine Co-op Nose Work Classes COVID-19 Protocols

#1 rule – if you or someone you are around is showing symptoms, feel sick, have tested positive or have a possible exposure, do not come to classes for 14 days after exposure or symptoms shown.

* Hand sanitizer will be available at both doors to use every time you enter the building. Feel free to bring your own hand sanitizer for your own use.

* When possible, doors will be propped open.

* Only one person in the lobby at a time.

* Everyone is required to maintain a minimum of 6’ of distance from anyone outside of their household. There is no option to be closer even if there is mutual consent. Due to the nature of our classes, it should be easy for all of us to comply.

* Once you are seated at a class, please stay in that chair for the duration of the on that day. You do not need to sit in the same place every week.

* Masks are optional.

*You are welcome to bring your own hand sanitizer and chair.

* When instructors need to collect treats for pairing, they will be placed on a common table.

* Staff will frequently clean and sanitize bathroom and building with a particular emphasis on commonly touched surfaces. (We always did but now you know we do 🙂



Nose Work Price list