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Canine Co-Op Group Classes & Specialty Classes

The Basics Class (Beginning Level)

This class is for you if you want a well-mannered dog or would like to go on to competition or other fun activities. The course is 5 weeks long. The first week we will meet for an orientation without dogs and then we meet for one hour each week after with dogs. Behaviors covered; sit, down, come, go to bed, name recognition, stay, leave it, loose leash walking to beginning heeling, verbal cues and visual/hand cues.

Prerequisite: All dogs of all breeds, ages and levels of training are welcome. Dogs must be current on their veterinarian’s recommended vaccination protocol. If your dog is reactive or aggressive, please discuss with the instructor before registering for class.

Cost: $125 per dog (includes clicker & written materials)
Instructor: Rachelle Bailey-Austin, CNWI
Phone:(360) 493-0220
Email: rachelle@aboutfacek9academy.com
More Info: https://www.aboutfacek9academy.com/home/puppy-basic-classes/
Schedule: TBA


To register and pay for class: Email Rachelle at rachelle@aboutfacek9academy.com